Energy consumption in our homes accounts for some 30% of the CO2 emissions in the UK. Heating uses 90% of energy in the home and so improving energy efficiency of our homes not only saves money but also reduces these harmful emissions.EU Directive 2002/91/EC on the Energy Performance of Buildings ensure that building standards across Europe place a high emphasis on minimizing energy consumption.

The EPC is simple to understand, based upon familiar labeling, making use of the A-G label for appliances and cars that we have all become used to. The EPC however will also indicate projected improvements in addition to the current band and rating of the house, including details and the impact of each energy efficient option.

A Domestic EPC is supplied as one document and will show two ratings: The energy efficiency of the property on the front page and the CO2 emissions  on the last page.

A Commercial EPC report is actually two reports, the first being the certificate with the familiar rating  graph

The second part is a recommendation report which can be tailored by the assessor to give the advise necessary to upgrading the buildings efficiency.


EPC's can only be compiled by Domestic or Commercial Energy Assessors who are members of a Government approved and regulated certification scheme.


Wilson Energy Assessors provide Energy Performance Certificates for both commercial & private home sellers.

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